Our first Windows Phone App: babyzzz!

Hi all!

Very very soon… we will deliver our first application for Windows Phone. It will be called Babyzzz.

I don’t know if if you will understand the meaning of the app just from its name, so I explain the babyzzz porpouse:

This is an application to try to calm and sleeping babies with infant colic and sleeping problems, which many and many hours of sleep have stolen to the parents.

And how does the babyzzz application work afor Windows Phone?

Well it seems that baabies are very quiet with noise, which should remind the sounds that have been listening to 9 months in the belly of the motear. This is a list of soothing sounds repeated in a “magic” to babies.

Well, this is just an introduction … the application is now in development, we will inform you about the progress!


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