Game App for iPhone called “Crazy Pizza!”

Hi all!

We are proud to present our first iPhone game (and we hope that very soon ported to Android and Windows platforms Phone).

Its name is …. prprprprprpr (drum roll !!!)… Crazy Pizza!

Crazy Pizza - Dawn of Apps


Crazy Pizza!

In the following paragraphs we will describe the game play and its characteristics.
We do not know exactly when we will launch and much less when it will be available at the Apple Store, but I hope it ASAP.

Game Type:

This is a game based on Nintendo’s classic “Watch and Game” released in 1980 called Fire, which were a great success in the 80’s, and so many many many hours we spent and enjoyed!

I still remember as during summers, when I was about 10 years, the console beeps sounded throughout the house and turned crazy to parents and cousins!.

Game Description:
Marcelo is a small but hard working cook at a ristorante – Little Italy pizzeria in New York in the 40’s. Marcelo is very proud of preparing thousands of pizzas every night. There is no doubt that, although it is the only employee of the pizzeria, has a huge painting hanging in view of all customers as “Employee of the Month”. And it feels very proud of it! 😉

Default intro image of the pizza game app for iphone
Default intro image of the Crazy Pizza game app for iphone

Name of the Game:

Crazy Pizza

How does it work?

The game / app for iPhone is about Marcelo (the pizza maker) to throw the pizzas all over the the restaurant’s kitchen with a tray, trying not to drop the pizzas to the ground. The pizzeria has a serious plague of rats, rats fascinated by cheese pizzas, so every time a pizza touches the ground, there appears a rat to eat it very quickly! So better to not miss any pizza!

Main screen of the pizza game app for iphone
Main screen of the crazy pizza game app for iphone

Marcelo has no choice but to go around the kitchen, trying to not to drop the pizzas. Thus, as a little guy he is, his work becomes a sight worth seeing, and that is why for every pizza bounces in his tray, the customers give a tip (or point), and for every 3 pizzas that fall to the ground, the game ends.

What else will include the game?

The Crazy Pizza Game will hace two game modes (typical of Nintendo Game and Watch this type):

  • Game A: Normal level, where the pizzas out fast growing and increasingly ovens are faster
  • Game B: For starters, pizzas go faster and faster!

The game also has an options button, where you can see the 3 local records achieved (with their names and their scores) and have 2 links:

  • Link to “About the Game” (this page on this website :)
  • Link to “World Wide Records” (another page of this website, which lists the top 1,000 records made ​​by all users of the world!)

Other screens, to make your mouth water …

Pizzas volando!

Flying Pizzas!

Más pizzas volando en el juego / app Pizzas para el iPhone

More flying pizzas!

Récords locales conseguidos en el juego / app Pizzas para iPhone

Local records and options

Beta testing

Soon begin a Beta-testing phase of the game Pizzas!, So the point you want to send out a message to twitter DawnOfApps! or do so through our contact page!

I encourage everyone to participate in the testing phase of the game Pizzas!

Records of the best players from around the world

If you think you’re a good pizza and you have no competition around the world, you have to prove it. On the World Record Crazy Pizza will play the 1,000 best scores from around the world. Do not hesitate to make a better game and put your best score among the top!

We will keep you all soon go!

Any comments are welcome!
Good luck!

Dawn Of Apps

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